Four Cute Puppies Were Left Frozen On The Street, But Tom Hardy Came To Rescue Them

Date February 9, 2018

Tom Hardy may be known for his roles of ‘tough guys’, but he is a big softie when it comes to little puppies.

Hardy has been the object of affection for countless female fans after his awesome parts in Inception and Mad Max: Fury Road.

Outside his obvious acting talent and handsome appearance, Tom has a big heart too. The star is a true dog lover. He launched a new PETA campaign, which just strengthened his image as a sensitive man.

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Tom Hardy found a sweet home for cute puppies

For everyone who loves Tom Hardy, get ready to love him even more. Recently, the actor helped find a sweet home for 4 adorable puppies in the shelter. The puppies were abandoned on the street, and they were almost frozen to death. Fortunately, some kids saw the poor pups and took them to the pet shelter.

When Hardy found out about four abandoned pups, he made a decision to help them whatever it takes. Tom shared a post on his Instagram with a sweet photo of these furry little friends and captioned:

New Staffies found and brought to Battersea in a box found in the park. Look at them. I want to house them all. 8 weeks old. Go see them.

And do you know what? Tom did it. He found a sweet home for these adorable cuties. Considering that Hardy has over 500.000 Instagram followers, it’s hard to imagine how many people would like to come and see the dogs and Tom, of course.

Hardy is a true dog lover. Once, he commented on the matter:

I love dogs. They’re always going to be around, doggies. They’re special creatures. I love all animals, but I think dogs are just fantastic.


As you may heard, in 2017, Hardy’s beloved dog Woody has died. The actor rescued Woody from the roadside as a stray puppy, and the pair was inseparable since that time.

Tom Hardy got used to play real machos on screen, but in real life, he is very kind and sensitive. After this heart-melting story with four rescued puppies, we love Hardy even more. We hope other people will follow his great example.

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Tom Hardy