Man Killed 30 Child Abusers. Who Is He, A Hero Or A Murderer? That Is The Matter To Decide

Date February 15, 2018

A Nebraska man was caught by the police when he tried to ‘punish’ a child abuser. When the cops took the man to the police station, he made an announcement that literally shocked everyone.

A hero or a murderer?

A 42-year-old citizen of Nebraska, Joel Miller, caused a huge reaction among people on social media. Miller has been arrested by the police who caught him attempting to kill a child rapist behind McDonald’s restaurant.

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The witnesses of that scene immediately called the police. When the officers arrived, they saw Miller holding the abuser with his hands around the man's throat. Here is what Joel told the cops:

Just give me one more minute, I've almost got him.

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At the station, Miller didn’t try to defend himself. In fact, he made an announcement that shocked the cops. The man told authorities that he killed more than 30 people who were registered sex offenders.


During the investigation, Miller explained why he made a decision to become a “creep catcher.” A friend of him went through something terrible herself. After girl he was dating was raped by some guy, Miller decided to find the criminal and ‘punish’ him in his own way.

After that story, Miller made his mission to catch and punish child abusers. The number of his victims has risen to 30 persons to the moment he was arrested.

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“Creep catchers”

Joel Miller is actually not alone in his desire of lynching the offenders. According to the authorities, there are groups of the so-called “creep catchers” around the country.


“Creep catchers” are non-affiliated groups of individuals who attempt to prevent child sexual abuse by ‘hunting’ the former prisoners and posting the revealing videos with them on social media.

These groups are aimed to bring awareness to their community about ‘predators’ because everyone has a right to know about ex-criminals who live in the neighborhood.

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People’s opinions on the Miller’s story are pretty controversial. Some call him a hero; others - a criminal himself, saying that a justice system may be not perfect, but this method is not a way out either.

What do you think on the matter? Perhaps, the “creep catchers” do more harm than help? We look forward to hearing your opinion in the comments.

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