Bruce Willis And Demi Moore's Three Daughters Share Their Not So Easy Lifetime Experiences

Date December 27, 2018

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore were definitely one of the most beautiful celebrity couples. Their break-up was a true shock for devoted fans, but sometimes, the relationships just didn’t work up. Nevertheless, their tandem has its own benefits. Demi and Bruce are loving parents of three beautiful daughters. Today, the girls have grown up, and each of them had to overcome certain life difficulties.

Rumer Willis

Rumer is the oldest daughter of Demi and Bruce. Maybe, for this reason, she decided to follow the footsteps of her famous parents. Rumer is an actress. In addition, she has skills in singing and dancing. She won the twentieth season of the popular TV show Dancing With the Stars.

Rumer is very close with her parents, but she confessed their divorce has influenced her a lot. Celebrity children face the same troubles as all ordinary people. Rumer also had to go through not very pleasant stage in her life. In summer 2017, she announced in her Instagram post she was celebrating six months of sobriety. The young woman wrote:

It’s not something I planned on, but after the long journey of getting here, I can honestly say I have never been more proud of myself in my entire life.

Scout Willis

Like the majority of middle sisters, Scout also felt some jealousy to sharing her parents’ love. Scout has grown up into a beautiful young lady. She has an interest in singing and fashion. Just like her elder sister, Scout also faced certain troubles in her teenage period. Fortunately, the girl coped with the addictions and shared her revival in an emotional post:

Last month on June 17 marked one year of being full present with myself, no filters, no chemical relaxation, no shortcuts. I am meeting the best version of myself every day.

Tallulah is the youngest of three daughters. Despite her early age, Tallulah also had some troubled period in her life. The girl faced eating disorder, but thanks to her parents and sisters’ support, she defeated the disease. She has even posted a photo of herself unhappy as a reminder that this person will never come back.

Embed from Getty Images

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Like all people, celebrity children are not protected from doing mistakes. The most important is that Willis sisters have supported each other in their life journeys and shared their joy and sadness together. They’ve overcome all difficulties and turned into beautiful and strong women. Bruce and Demi can be proud of raising such great daughters.

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