10 Interesting New Year Facts To Embrace The Holiday Spirit

Date December 25, 2017 15:52


The New Year’s night comes in our house

Makes happy every little mouse

I’m glad to spend this night with you

And sure that you do feel it too!


People have already celebrated Christmas, and New Year is just around the corner. Hope you don’t lose all the festive mood after intense Christmas celebration. Anyway, we have a great idea how to get involved in the holiday spirit. Here are 10 interesting facts about New Year that will make wish it will come sooner.

1. Tradition to give presents on New Year dates back to ancient times when Persians gave each other eggs symbolizing productivity.

2. Romans didn’t celebrate New Year in winter. It’s hard to imagine, but they traditionally celebrated the holiday on March 1st.

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3. Julius Caesar accepted the 1st January as New Year in 46 BC.

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4. Eating black-eyed peas on the f New Year’s night is believed to bring good luck in some countries.

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5. In Denmark, people throw dishes at their neighbors’ doorsteps to bring a lot of new friends to this family.

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6. In Belgium, New Year’s Eve is called Saint Sylvester Vooranvond.

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7. Japanese people used to eat noodles on New Year as they symbolize long life.

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8. In America, almost 400 million glasses of sparkling wine are consumed every New Year.

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9. The most widely spread New Year resolutions are: quit smoking, lose weight, earn more money, and get more organized.

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10. In the United States, there is a tradition of dropping the New Year Ball in Times Square exactly at 11:59 PM. The ball hits the ground at the stroke of midnight, and it’s time to make a wish. People believe it will definitely come true.

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And here is a great song just to embrace New Year spirit:

Hope we raised your holiday spirit. If you know some other interesting New Year facts, please share them with us in the comments.

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