Bruce And Brandon Lee, Similar Tragic Fate Of Eminent Father And Son

Date December 26, 2017 14:04

Bruce and Brandon Lee were both talented actors who worked hard on their movies but didn’t get a chance to see their releases. Similar tragic fate of the father and son shocked everyone. People told that Brandon had followed the footsteps of his famous father, Bruce Lee, but they never thought he would inherit his sad fate too.

Bruce Lee

Many generations have grown up on the spectacular movies with Bruce Lee. He developed his unique fighting technique called “One Inch Punch,” which a lot of sportsmen would like to learn. His moves were so fast that camera speed was not enough to follow Lee.

Bruce took part in the numerous karate championships and always got the first prize. When he was in Hong Kong with his son, Brandon, a film producer noticed the talented fighter and offered him a role in The Big Boss.


The movie had a huge success and was a breakthrough for the young actor. Bruce had a lot of offers from the most famous studios. The film Enter The Dragon, featuring Bruce Lee, is considered to be the most successful martial movie of all times.


Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee, a son of the world favorite Bruce Lee, won women’s hearts all over the world. The handsome fellow with beautiful eyes and charming smile inherited Bruce’s talent and martial skills. As a boy, Brandon enjoyed spending time with his dad and learning new fighting techniques.

It seems like Brandon’s destiny was to become an actor. Producers portended him a huge success. So it could be. Brandon’s most prominent role in the iconic The Crow made the young actor a true legend. The matter was not just in his awesome acting skills. His role of Eric Draven was meant to be Lee’s big break. Unfortunately, the fate is unpredictable.


Tragic fate of the father and son

Besides their incredible talent, Bruce and Brandon Lee shared a similar tragic fate. When Bruce was shooting in Enter The Dragon, he was diagnosed with a fatal disease, a brain aneurysm. The actor passed away shortly before his hit movie release.


Brandon was performing his final scene in The Crow when something inevitable happened at the shooting. Making his death scene, Brandon was accidentally shot for real. A bullet was lodged in the prop gun. The accident was called the unluckiest in the history of Hollywood production.


Bruce and Brandon both were young and worked hard, but unfortunately, they were not destined to see their movie releases. Fans around the globe still remember the talented father and son. They will live forever in their incredible movies.

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