Clark Gable III Inherited His Famous Grandfather’s Acting Talent And Gorgeous Look

Date December 5, 2017 11:45

William Clark Gable was one of the most handsome and stylish men of Old Hollywood. He won women’s hearts by his incredible role in the ‘golden hit’ Gone With the Wind and proved his acting talent in numerous great films afterwards. His grandson Clark James Gable, named after his legendary relative, has followed in his grandpa’s footsteps and devoted himself to acting.

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“The King of Hollywood”

William Clark Gable was a prominent figure in the history of cinematography. His great talent and acting skills helped him gain a status of “The King of Hollywood.” We all recognize Gable as a famous actor, but only few people know he was a military officer and symbol of masculinity admired by men and women around the globe.


During his long-lasting career, Gable worked in different fields. As a teen, he joined a traveling theater and earned money performing on stage. When he moved to Hollywood, he made his debut appearance in the Broadway play Machinal.

Gable had a lot of unsuccessful auditions until he finally got his first leading role in the movie Dance, Fools, Dance. The actor’s breakthrough came after the role of Rhett Butler in the iconic Gone With the Wind. This great role made Clark a real heartthrob for his female fans and confirmed his status of ‘The King.’


Clark Gable III

Clark Gable III was named after his legendary grandfather. Young Gable is a popular actor, model, and TV show host. It’s obvious that acting talent is a hereditary trait in this family.

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The young man started work as a model when he was just 5 years old. He still works as a model and cooperates with such famous brands as Prada, Chrome Hearts, and even Disney. Then, Gable III decided to concentrate on his career on television and became a host of the popular TV show Cheaters.

Clark Gable III latest news from career and personal life

Gable III has proved his skills as a successful businessman. The young man has launched his own line of accessories for men. He also owns a fashion boutique and online electronics store.

Clark junior appeared in numerous music videos. A breakthrough in his career was a popular TV show Cheaters. He started hosted the show since 2012. The project is based on investigations and disclosure of people suspected of cheating on their partners. It is broadcasted in 120 countries worldwide.

Gable III has a lot of interests. He likes spending his time surfing and riding a bike. Now, he wants to focus on dramatic roles on television. This year, the actor welcomed his first child. He is a proud father of adorable daughter named Shore. Considering his eminent grandfather, Clark Gable III says that he is really proud to be a relative of such outstanding person:

The name means a lot to me. It opened a lot of doors. It also carries a lot of expectations.

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