Jacqueline Kennedy: Teachers Called Her A "Troublemaker" Who Often Chose Horse Riding Instead Of School


December 18, 2017 11:18 By Fabiosa

 Jacqueline Kennedy once said:

I am a woman above everything else.

There’s certainly never been a first lady like Jacqueline Kennedy. This incredible woman became an icon for her keen intellect, sophisticated style, and elegance. But it appears that Jacqueline was not always a symbol of good behavior. Her teachers called her a real troublemaker who often chose horse riding instead of school.


Ambitious girl with a beautiful name, Jacqueline

Jacqueline was a curious child; she was interested in all things around her. Her school teachers had a lot of troubles with “little devil,” as they called little Jacqueline, and even excluded her from the class several times.

Young Kennedy had many interests, like arts, history, languages. She even attended ballet lessons, but her greatest passion was horse riding. When she was 11, Jacqueline got a double victory at the junior horsemanship competition. It’s pretty rare case when a rider wins two competitions in the same show, but Kennedy managed to do this.


Jacqueline attended a prestigious school, where she studied proper manners and the etiquette of conversation. As a student, she enjoyed writing poems and essays for the school newspaper. Kennedy was very ambitious and she dreamed to work as an editor of the most popular editions. The young girl thought about her career first, and just after that about marriage and kids. She even wrote in her composition that her main life ambition was “not to become a housewife.”

The President's wife

Jacqueline met her future husband, a young and handsome congressman John Kennedy, at a dinner party. The congressman fell in love with this beautiful and sophisticated lady at first sight.

He asked her for a date and one year later, Jacqueline and John got married. When Kennedy announced his candidacy for US president, Jacqueline was the one who gave him the biggest support.


Jacqueline was not a typical president’s wife. She took part in her husband’s political and social campaigns and even wrote a weekly newspaper column called “Campaign Wife.”

Jacqueline accompanied her husband during his official visits and she did it so great that once President Kennedy even jokingly introduced himself as "the man who accompanied Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris.”



The shipping magnate's wife

Five years after the tragic loss of her husband, President Kennedy, Jacqueline got married for the second time. Her husband, named Aristotle Onassis, was a shipping magnate. When seven years after Jacqueline lost her second husband, she decided to devote herself to work. She accepted a job as a senior editor at Viking Press and enjoyed her publishing career until her retirement.


Today, the world knows Jacqueline Kennedy as the first lady of the 20th century. She really filled this title with a special meaning. She was an icon who captivated the world with her beauty and grace.

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