‘Little People, Big World’ Star Amy Roloff Loves Spending Time With Her Son’s Girlfriend

Date December 5, 2017

Amy Roloff is a famous producer and incredible woman who managed to turn her family life into a successful reality show. It may seem like a person who opens up his private life to the public can hardly have a skeleton in the closet, but there are still some little-known facts about the star, which most people don’t know.

Little people in the big world

Amy Roloff was born with disproportionate legs; as a teen, she was the subject of ridicule for her schoolmates. However, her physical disability helped Amy form a strong character. Besides, Roloff said her parents always have been her biggest supporters in life. Amy has a close relationship with her father. She said:

He inspired me in every possible way and explained how to overcome the hurdles of life.

The breakthrough in Amy’s career has happened after the release of a television series featuring her entire family. This show is called Little People, Big World; it was broadcasted from 2006 to 2015. The main idea of the project focuses on parents and children relationships. Roloff has four children, who also starred in the show.

Roloff’s project had a huge success and led to a series of documentary movies “Little People, Big World: Wedding Farm” and “Little People, Big World: Big Dreams.”

Jacob's girlfriend Isabel

Even after Little People, Big World was shut down, the Roloff family doesn’t disappear from a spotlight. Recently, Amy’s 20-year-old son Jacob introduced his new girlfriend to the public. Her name is Isabel. The young people have started their relationship on the basis of their common interest in the arts. Isabel works as a photographer and often shares her works on social media.

Jacob says Isabel has a very close relationship with all his family, especially his mom. The girl makes friends with Jacob’s siblings, and she even attended his sister Molly’s wedding.

Amy and Isabel are ready to celebrate Christmas

Three days ago, Amy Roloff shared an adorable photo on Instagram featuring herself and Isabel having tea together.

They’ve just decorated a Christmas tree and decided to have some rest together, enjoying a good tea and delicious cookies and gingerbread. Besides, Amy added she loves sending food gifts instead of traditional gift cards to her relatives and friends. She says:

Good way to start off the Christmas holiday.

It seems like Amy and Isabel truly enjoy spending time together, especially in front of the holidays. They look so happy on this picture that makes everyone want to join them for tea.

Source: Source: amyjroloff / Instagram

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