Sophia Loren’s Wet Nurse Remembered Her As 'The Ugliest Child She Ever Saw', But She Blossomed Into A Beautiful Woman

Date December 13, 2017

The two big advantages I had at birth were to have been born wise and to have been born in poverty.

It’s hard to imagine that one of the most beautiful and successful women, incredible Sophia Loren, had to go through poverty, troubled childhood, and a complicated love triangle until she got a status of the beauty icon of the entire generation.


Incredible Sophia Loren, her path to glory

Sofia Scicolone, which is the original name of Sophia Loren, changed her last name when she decided to make a career of an actress. The star thought her Italian surname didn’t match Hollywood criteria.

From her early childhood, Sophia got used to struggle difficulties. She was raised in a poor family; her parents lived together but they never married. Loren knew firsthand about war. Once, during the aerial bombardment, little Sophia fell to the ground and injured her chin. She still has a scar on her face, which reminds her of that tragic period. Her entire life, Loren has been embarrassed by her scar and tried to hide it using a makeup.


Today, Sophia Loren is considered to be one of the most beautiful women on the planet, but during her study at school, Loren faced ridicule and offenses of her classmates. Sophia’s wet nurse remembered her as "the ugliest child she saw in her life."

Loren always dreamed about onstage career. She admired beautiful actresses and promised herself to reach the same success. The star kept this promise. After a number of small parts in the movies, Loren got the main role in the film Aida, which she later called her career breakthrough. Then, she got a leading role in The Gold of Naples and The Pride and the Passion, where the actress co-starred with Grant and Sinatra.


Today, incredible Sophia Loren has more than a hundred of roles in her film baggage. She has also proved her skills as a talented singer. Loren has numerous significant awards, including the Academy Award and Grammy.

Love triangle

Considering her mesmerizing beauty, it’s pretty obvious that Loren has been always popular among men. She stole millions of her male fans’ hearts. But few people know that Sophia was involved in the love triangle with her late husband, Carlo Ponti, and her partner on shooting, Cary Grant.


Fans called Loren and Grant the most passionate couple on screen. But as the matter of fact, Grant didn’t have to play his feelings, the actor actually fell in love with beautiful Sophia. However, the young actress was secretly in love with another man, Italian producer, Carlo Ponti, who was married at the moment they met.


Grant asked Loren to marry him, but the hot-tempered lady declined his proposal. She had feelings for Conti and didn’t want to pretend she felt something for Grant. Ponti couldn’t resist Sophia’s charm; he left his wife, and in 1957, the couple got married. According to Loren, the secret to their happy and long-lasting marriage was their ability to divide work from family life.

Show business is what we do, not what we are.


Today, Sophia Loren is 83, but she still looks fabulous and impressive. The actress didn’t forget her roots even after she became universally recognized star. Loren will always remain a symbol of style, beauty, and sophistication. Incredible and one-of-the-kind Sophia, that’s how people will always know her.

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