Cristina Fernandez De Kirchner, Rania Al Abdullah, And Other Decision Makers Among The Powerful Women In The World

Date November 21, 2017

“Who runs the world? – Girls!” This phrase from a popular song is more relevant today than ever. There are so many women whose ability to accept challenges and struggle difficulties shows a great example of inspiration for millions of girls worldwide. Here are some of the most powerful women who changed our world for the better.

1. Carmen Kass


Carmen Kass is a famous Estonian fashion model, who has proved her talent not just in modeling, but in politics as well. She began her ‘fashion’ path at the age of 14 and managed to build a successful career working with the most popular fashion show runways in Milan and Paris. She was the face of such outstanding brands as Chanel, Dior, Versace, and others.

Carmen has reached a certain success in acting too. She featured in a number of pretty successful films, including “Zoolander,” where she played herself. Kass is not only beautiful and attractive but very smart woman -  she was elected a president of the Estonian National Chess League.

Carmen has always been interested in politics.  In 2004, she joined Res Publica Party and ran for political office in the European Parliament, though she didn’t win. Nevertheless, Kass is known for her active social position and charity work. She also has got a status of one of the richest and successful people in Estonia.

2. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner


A successful lawyer and politician, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, served as the President of Argentina from 2007 to 2015. She decided to run into politics in the late 1980s when she was elected to the Santa Cruz Provincial Legislature.

Kirchner’s administration work was marked by a number of successful reforms and innovations which had a significant influence on the country’s development. She introduced a new taxation system for the agricultural segment, which received a positive feedback from farmers. Kirchner launched a universal child benefit plan for fighting poverty. In addition, this amazing woman built good relations with other Latin American countries. Her presidential career was definitely one of the most significant and successful in the country’s history.

3. Mara Kafagna


It’s fair to say that Mara is one of the most gorgeous women worldwide. She built a successful career as a model due to her incredible appearance and strong character. For several years, Kafagna worked on popular Italian TV shows that made her a real star and brought her an army of devoted fans. However, Mara is the kind of person who always tends to new achievements.


In 2006, she entered politics and became a member of Deputies for Forza Italia party and in 2008, Kafagna was appointed as a Minister for Equal Opportunity. Her successful political career proves that a woman can attract international attention to a number of important social problems. Due to her background and attractive appearance, Kafagna has been called “the most beautiful minister in the world.”

4. Rania Al Abdullah


Queen Rania of Jordan is known for her position of a strong leader and active defender of the rights of women and children. In her early life, Rania worked in the fields of banking and information technology. When she moved to Jordan for business, she met her soul mate there, Prince Abdullah. Later she married him and became the Queen of Jordan.

Rania has gained a status of a compassionate and noble politician. She founded a variety of charities and made a significant influence on the development of the country’s communities, education system, and environmental protection. In 2009, Rania was also awarded the ‘FIFA Presidential Award.’

If I can serve as a source of motivation for social change and world peace, I will do my best to improve this world for the better.

The example of these legendary women, who do their best to contribute towards the social development of their nations, shows that a woman can be strong enough to make a difference to the world.

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