George Clooney Once Gifted His 14 Best Pals $1.3 Million Each Just To Thank For Their Devoted Friendship

Date December 14, 2017

It’s great to have such a generous friend as George Clooney. He is always ready to give a helping hand to his fellows. George can share a useful advice, work as a babysitter, and even more. Once, the star gifted one million dollars to his 14 best friends. Can you imagine this?


George Clooney is extremely generous

George Clooney managed to reach a great success and build a successful career in Hollywood. But money and fame didn’t spoil the handsome actor. His close friends call George 'super pal’ because he is always ready to support everyone who requires help. George considers the true friendship as a blessed gift, and once, he found an unusual way to show how much he cares for his best buddies.


There is a group of guys, which consist of Clooney and his BFFs. They call themselves as “The Boys.” So, one of these “Boys,” Rande, said once Clooney called him and other 13 guys and asked them for a dinner. When all of them gathered together, the actor presented each of his guests a suitcase adding:

So it was really important to me that while we're still all here together, that I give back.

Each suitcase contained around one million dollars. “The Boys” were literally shocked. Clooney explained they’ve all been through hard times, and some of them are still going through it. He made this noble gesture so that his friends don’t have to worry about their kids, school, and bills.


Indeed, it was not the only case when George showed his support to others. Once, he and his wife were having a flight with their adorable 6-month-old kids. Clooney bought headphones for all the passengers to apologize for possible inconvenience and noise. He said he knows how little kids can disturb other people, so he decided to apologize ahead of time in case his twins will start crying.


Well, it appears George Clooney takes friendship and parenting very seriously. His pals and colleagues must be really grateful to have such generous friend.

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George Clooney