Meghan Markle’s ‘Extravagant’ Dress Breaks Royal Etiquette

Date December 26, 2017

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry do not think about “following rules and breaking royal etiquette". Recently, fashion critics discovered another ‘inappropriate’ thing that proves Megan is a free spirit and has her own style and opinion on everything.

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Meghan’s extravagant dress keeps on breaking the royal etiquette

As soon as Megan and Harry’s engagement portraits were presented to the public, critics keep on arguing about numerous ‘violations’ of the royal rules.  The ring, the holding hands in public, the third engagement picture, and here is the new one, the sheer top of Meghan’s dress.

Markle’s extravagant dress, created by British designer Ralph & Russo, has already got the name of the riskiest outfit worn for the official photoshoot. A sheer black top with gold leaves over a long ruffled skirt caused rather huge reaction in mass media. There are many comments like this one:

You’ve never seen a royal engagement photo like this.

On the other hand, royal fans show their support to Meghan saying that they want to see their royals and other celebrities looking happy, relaxed, and natural on their Instagram photos.

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We remind that Meghan’s dress from the Autumn-Winter collection is reported to cost £56,000 (around $75,000). Besides, fashion critics admit that she did the right thing by choosing the gown from the British designers.

As usual, people’s opinions vary a lot. Some of them call the dress too extravagant, while others totally support Meghan and Harry and say their engagement portraits are spectacular and one-of-the-kind. So many people, so many minds.

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