Richard Gere And Cindy Crawford Were One Of The Most Beautiful Hollywood Couples. So, Why It Didn’t Work Out?

Date December 13, 2017

Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford had all chances to become one of the most beautiful married couples in Hollywood. He was a handsome and talented actor, while she was a gorgeous and popular model. They were married for 4 years, but it didn’t work out. So, what actually happened to them? It’s great to hear out both of the sides.


Beautiful Hollywood couple

Richard and Cindy first met at their mutual friend’s party. The young model was 21 at that time, and she was just at the beginning of her successful modeling career. There were a lot of famous and handsome men at that party, but Crawford explained she and Gere just caught each other in the crowd.


They started dating immediately, and soon, Richard proposed.

Richard and Cindy’s comments on the matter

Crawford considers the age gap to be the main reason for their failed marriage. The model was just 22 when she married Gere, and 17-year age difference appears to be a huge barrier to their relationship. Cindy admits she felt like she would always have to follow Gere, and it was Okay for her at the very beginning. But as she wanted to grow up professionally, she understood she was not ready to play obedient wife.

I want to lead sometimes and I want to walk side by side sometimes. 


According to Gere, he also considers that age difference ruined everything. The actor confessed he proposed to Cindy because he didn’t want to lose her. He understood she was young and ambitious, and he thought family life could hold them together, but it didn’t work out. Gere explains marriage as two people walking the path in the same direction, but he and Cindy had quite opposite life directions.

I married her because I didn’t want to lose her, but we didn't have the perfect marriage.


It’s been 20 years after Richard and Cindy divorced. They almost didn’t communicate during this time. In one of her interviews, Crawford confessed Gere is “like a stranger” for her after all these years. However, the model admits she is grateful to her ex-husband for some helpful advice he gave her at the beginning of her career in Hollywood.


It sometimes happens that relationship just didn’t work out. Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford looked really great together when they were married. But the most important thing is that they are happy now in their recent relationships.

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