Paul Walker’s Daughter Is 20 Years Old: She Turned Into Beautiful Young Woman Who Misses Her Dad Much

Date December 18, 2017 13:30

Fans around the world remember Paul Walker, a talented actor and handsome fellow with beautiful blue yeas and great smile. He was best-known for his role of Brian O’Conner in The Fast and Furious franchise. The actor passed away at the age of 40 after a fatal car accident. However, an integral part of the acting icon still lives on – this is his beautiful daughter, Meadow Rain Walker, who is already 20 years old.












Допис, поширений Meadow Walker (@meadowwalker)




Paul Walker and Meadow Rain


It’s hard to imagine all that grief any child suffers while losing a parent. Meadow Rain was just 15 years old when she lost her beloved dad. These two were really close, and everyone who looks at their common photos will understand how much Meadow meant for her father.


Paul never stopped talking about little Meadow Rain in almost every interview. Once he said how much he missed his little angel when traveling for shooting, and he tattooed her name on his wrist to make her a bit closer in such a way. Walker’s best friend and co-star in The Fast and Furious, Van Diesel, is Meadow Rain’s Godfather.

On November 4th, 2018, Meadow Rain turned 20. She was an adorable little girl, and now, she is a beautiful young woman. Meadow inherited a lot of Paul’s interests. For example, she also has a passion for ocean, saving the environment, and wildlife. She also shares his aspiration for helping people and spontaneous goodwill.












Допис, поширений Meadow Walker (@meadowwalker)



In 2015, on her father’s birthday, Meadow Rain started the Paul Walker Foundation. The main goal of the foundation is to receive donations in order to provide assistance to those who are studying marine science. Meadow explained she just couldn’t think of a better way to honor her beloved father.


I wanted to start this foundation because I want to share that piece of him with the world.













Допис, поширений Meadow Walker (@meadowwalker)



Meadow Rain turned into attractive and confident young lady. She continues her father’s goodwill for helping others in need. Paul Walker’s name will live for years thanks to Meadow’s noble deeds. The Fast and Furious star could be really proud of his incredible daughter.

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