Owen Wilson: A Former Big Troublemaker, Amazing Actor, Producer, And Simply A Proud Father

Date November 21, 2017

Famous for his good sense of humor and hilarious acting style, Owen Wilson certainly possesses a combination of rare qualities that makes him one of the most popular and talented actors. Spending most of his early life as a troublemaker, Wilson managed to reach enormous success in his career and his personal life.

Childhood, family, and school

Owen belongs to the family of creative people. His father is an advertising executive and his mom is a photographer. Wilson has two brothers, Luke and Andrew Wilson, who are also successful actors. From his early childhood, Owen has got a status of a real ‘troublemaker’ in his family. ‘Being a good boy’ is definitely not the case of the actor.


Owen was expelled from the St. Mark’s School of Texas for an inappropriate behavior. In fact, ‘the troublemaker’ admits that as a kid, he actually enjoyed learning new things, however, the general concept of study at school was not “his kind of thing.”

Anyway, Owen managed to graduate from New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell and after that, he entered the University of Texas. It was during his study at the university when Wilson began to rethink his life values. At that period, he met his good friend, Wes Anderson, a philosophy student, who has influenced a lot on Wilson’s further life path.

Friendship with Wes Anderson, career, brothers – actors

Finding out that they totally understand each other and have the same life approach, Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson, have become close friends and even co-workers. Owen admits he’s always been fascinated by Anderson’s philosophy and his style of writing. That is the thing they actually have in common.


Together they started to work on a screenplay for “Bottle Rocket” starred by Owen himself and his brother, Luke Wilson.  Despite, the film did not have a commercial success, it received a lot of positive reviews from critics and a great feedback from fans.

After that, Owen was offered a minor role in the ‘The Cable Guy’ (1996) which also starred Jim Carrey. The film had a huge success and it marked the beginning of Wilson’s big career in Hollywood. His further successful roles were in "Anaconda," "Permanent Midnight," "The Minus Man," and others.


Wilson and Anderson became ‘big names’ in the industry, as well as both Wilson’s brothers. In 2001, Owen co-wrote the script for the “The Royal Tenenbaums” directed by Anderson. The film was nominated for several awards. Wilson is most popular as a comedy actor. His fans always wait for upcoming movies featuring the famous star.


Here is one interesting fact about Wilson. No doubt, he is very attractive and handsome man, remarkable in part for his nose. Owen confessed that his nose has been broken a couple of times during his ‘troubled childhood’. Nevertheless, most of his female fans admit that his nose is an integral part of the actor’s charisma.

Personal life and parenting

Wilson used to play a true masher in most of his movies, but in real life, the actor tends to build serious relationships. He dated Sheryl Crow and the actress, Kate Hudson. In 2011, Wilson and his girlfriend, Jade Duell, became parents of a cute boy, Robert. In 2014, Wilson became a father for the second time. His girlfriend, Caroline Lindqvist, gave birth to their son, Finn.


Wilson often says that being a good parent is the most important thing in his life. He wants to raise his boys as “competitive people who do care about important things.” You can watch Wilson’s recent interview which reveals what kind of parent he is in the video below.

Happy birthday, Owen!

On November, 18th, Owen Wilson celebrated his 49th birthday. The actor has a lot of life achievements at this moment – he is a successful actor, a good brother, a reliable friend, and a loving dad. We also want to congratulate Owen on this great date and wish him further success and professional growth.

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Owen Wilson