Riddle Me That: Two Not-So-Easy Puzzles To Train Your Lazy Brain

Date March 30, 2018

Do you love riddles? Those who do enjoy solving rebuses, riddles, and all sorts of puzzles, know how beneficial for your mind it is. But if you don’t like it, maybe some of the benefits will change your mind a bit.


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Benefits for children

Riddles can improve the children’s approach to thinking. They also teach them how to concentrate on one particular thing, and don’t have their heads in the clouds. In addition, it can develop child’s humor in a more intellectual way.

Benefits for adults

We sometimes can be jealous of children’s imagination. Well, good news! Riddles can stimulate not only logic part of your brain but also the one that represents imagination. Solving puzzles also raises the level of dopamine which helps in improving memory, concentration, positive thinking, and even confidence.


Benefits for elderly

Obviously, puzzles can slow down the development of all sorts of mental illnesses connected with old age. Solving riddles improves blood flow in the brain, which becomes an absolute necessity with age.

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Here are two promised puzzles:

1. Luxurious beach

Try to find every hidden object. It can be anything, from birds to human faces. How many you’ve got?

2. Did the boy lose something?

There are hidden animals in this picture. How many have you counted? Look closer, some of the details in the picture are not what they look like at first sight.

The answer to "Luxurious beach":

Yes, this one is not easy to solve. But we promise the next one will be a bit easier. So, in the first riddle, you should’ve found 12 hidden objects. Congratulations, if you've found all of them!

The answer to "Did the boy lose something?":

Have you found them all? Maybe you have missed that sneaky elephant or the ‘not so obvious sheep?’ There are 12 animals in total!

You did great! We are sure that your friends wouldn’t even come close to you. Test them out, and prove to yourself once more that you are the best!


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