Everykey: The Biggest Scam Or The Guardian Of Security?

Date February 20, 2018

Aren’t you tired of keeping all of the passwords “on some paper", notebook or just in your head, and constantly forgetting them? The future is now! “Everykey: Your Only Key”!


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What is it for?

Everykey, as the creators claim, can store your every password and key in one place. This one place is encrypted using military technology, thus allowing you not to worry about the security.

It can help you unlock your phone, login into websites, opening the door to your apartment and even using your credit-card. Moreover, if you lose your device, you can freeze it remotely. Isn’t it wonderful?

Even John McAfee, the creator of McAfee antivirus, took part in advertising this product.

Everykey has some cons.

However, everything is much darker as it seems. Many users are complaining for several reasons:

  1. Abnormal shipping time. It takes so much longer than expected to get your device delivered.
  2. No significant instructions on use. There seems to be only a small brochure for such complex and multi-functional device.
  3. No support. Users are reporting, that Everykey’s support service simply does not respond to any emails.
  4. No refunds. Many of users haven’t received their refund yet. It is questionable if they are ever going to get one.

We think that this is more than enough reason for you to consider buying this product.


How to store your passwords wisely:

  1. Use one notepad on your computer for all passwords. Do not forget where it is located.
  2. Use a simple notebook for your passwords (as well as notepad). Do not forget where it is located.
  3. Consider writing down all of your passwords as one of them may be needed somewhere later.
  4. Under any circumstances do not share your passwords with anyone.


Technology is developing unbelievably fast. Maybe in a year, there will appear some reliable product, that can help us with all that security thing. Or maybe soon, we wouldn't need any credit cards, passwords etc. However, until that happens, be sure you keep your passwords safe!

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