2 Awesome Brain Teasers: "Tricky Math" And "Endless Line"

Date April 13, 2018 11:11

Do you want to have a super brain with the help of which you solve any problems, memorize every word and number, and come up with a brilliant idea that would make you a millionaire? We bet you do! But it is simply impossible. However, what we can do, is to at least train our brains by solving fun and easy puzzles and teasers.


We have many riddles here. Just write the word "puzzle" in the search, and you will find more of them!

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1. "Tricky Math"

For the first tricky challenge, we’ve got you a good old math. Do you remember how to solve this expression correctly? A small hint for you: The order of operations matters!

2. "Endless Line"

The second one is much harder. Let’s see if you can draw an imaginary continuous line through every doorway without the line crossing itself. Start from the top left near the computer table, and your goal is to reach the farthest plant on the right.


  1. The line cannot cross itself.
  2. You cannot draw the line through the same doorway twice.

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The answer to "Tricky Math"

If you’ve got 1 as the answer, unfortunately, you are wrong. At first, we need to add two numbers inside parentheses. Then, we have to divide 6 and 2. Finally, we have to multiply the results of the two previous operations. And the correct answer is 9.

The answer to "Endless Line"

Here’s the correct way of drawing the line. However, don’t be upset if you got another result. There are several ways of solving the riddle correctly. You might be absolutely right as well.


Awesome job! If you managed to solve both puzzles correctly, you have a great brain! Don’t forget to train it, though. We’ve got so much more of this kind of stuff. Have a good day!

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