Riddle Me That: Two Awesome Riddles To Brighten Up Your Day!

Date March 30, 2018

Welcome, everybody! If you haven’t seen our fascinating puzzles and riddles yet, you missed so much fun. We’ve got you another two riddles that can brighten up your day.


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Benefits from soving riddles

There is no better thing for your brain than a fun little riddle. Like an exercise for your body, solving riddles can really benefit your brain. It can improve your logic skills and concentration ability. On a biological level, solving riddles can improve blood flow in your brain, and keeping the brain healthy means keeping yourself happy.


It is a scientific fact that riddles can slow down or even prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s. Keep your brain active and healthy!

Let’s us begin with today's TWO riddles.

1. "Messed up task."

Each of our illustrators had been given a task to draw one animal. It hadn’t been specified what kind of animal, though. Somehow, they came up with the idea to draw their animals on one piece of paper. The drawing happened to be pretty messy. However, this “piece of art” seems to be an awesome riddle. Can you tell how many illustrators do we have on our team, and what animals they drew?

2. "Cubism fanatic."

One of our illustrators is a huge fan of Pablo Picasso. That’s why she drew this next riddle in Cubism fashion. How many faces do you see in this picture? The illustrator even hid her face there. What do you think, which one is hers?

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1. The answer to "Messed up task."

Have you managed to determine the number of animals in the picture? The right answer is 4! Great job if you found them!

2. The answer to "Cubism fanatic."

Cubism was really popular back in the day, but it is a thing of the past now. We advised her to try something new, but she refused, saying that Picasso was the greatest painter and sculptor. Anyways, there are 9 faces in the picture! Believe it or not, she thinks her face looks like number 2.

We hope you loved solving the riddles with us. Stay tuned for more! And don’t forget to train your brain from time to time!

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