"I Have HIV," Or How A 88-Year-Old Lady Stopped A Teenage Rapist


February 21, 2018 12:34 By Fabiosa

Every story has at least two sides: One which is acceptable by society and the other which is most definitely not. This post is about one of the most shocking and inexplicable stories.


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The story

Parkesburg, PA. An ordinary evening. Helen Reynolds, 88, just got home from the store. She hears her door bell ringing. She opens the door and a young looking man, probably a teenager, pushes it with force. She realizes very quickly that her house is invaded.

The burglar uses duct tape to bind her. As he’s binding her, Helen unsuccessfully hits the burglar in the crotch. He wrapps the tape all around her face, nose, and glasses. He takes 44 bucks from her purse.

The man then pushes Helen on her bed and tries to take her clothes off. She realizes that there are almost no chances to avoid being raped. She says to the burglar: “I have HIV. My husband died from it.” Which is a lie. He immediately stops, astonished by this information and after a few seconds, rushes through to the exit.

This is a true story. Or at least the victim's story.

The analysis

The obvious side of the story is that a guy decides to break the law by robbing some poor old lady in her own house. Then, he decides to rape her. A little reminder for you: She was 88 years old. She managed to react quickly and save herself from being raped.

With all of that being said, he definitely deserves many years in a jail. However, there is always another side which we can only assume, because we didn’t hear the burglar’s version of the story. You see, if we didn’t hear it, it doesn’t mean it is absent or irrelevant.


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The burglar’s story. How it could be

Traumatized by his parents teenager, who is struggling to find any money, having a mental condition, decides to rob someone. He then proceeds to find the target who would be easy enough to rob. The guy doesn’t want to kill anybody.

He notices a skinny old lady with a bag going from grocery. He follows her to her house. Then, he makes sure that she is alone. The plan is simple: immobilize and take money. However, after breaking into the house, he feels power. He never felt it before. His parents have been suppressing him all the time at home. At school, other guys bullied him.

This feeling grows into a sexual thrill. Guided by this impulse, he pushes the old lady on the bed and tries to take her clothes off. She says that she has HIV. This information shocks him like a defibrillator. His sexual tension is now gone. He is disgusted and afraid of himself and decides to run away.



There can be many versions of the burglary story. For example, this kid could have been traumatized even by his grandmother in his early childhood, which could lead to the development of gerontophilia. This could make relationships with girls of his age impossible. The guy could probably hate himself for his deviations and, logically, all other elderly women as well. In this case, the person would require psychological help rather than some kind of a punishment.


The main idea is: Let’s make conclusions about something, considering every point of view, every side of a story.

However, the story that happened to Helen Reynolds is terrible in any way. On the one hand, she is a true hero who was robbed in her own house but managed to stay rather cool in such frightening situation, and found the way to prevent one of the most horribe crimes. And on the other hand, things that are happening in the teen’s mind, who tries to rob and rape 88 year old woman, are probably even more terrifying. These things can lead to even sicker crimes.


This case is another evidence of unstable mental health in today's society. Things can get even worse if we all do not get involved in the situation. Talk to your closest people. Seek help if you need one.

All these terrible and horrifying cases that are happening in the US right now can and should be avoided. This is not our Mother nature's wrath, this is us, Humans, and we have to take responsibility for our actions. Wake up!

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