Riddle Me That: 3 Great Riddles To Exercise Your Brain While Having Lots Of Fun!

Date April 25, 2018

We’ve got a new portion of epic puzzles and riddles to exercise your brain. If you haven’t played other ones, look for “READ ALSO.” We’ve got lots of funny and clever brain teasers for you here. This time we’ve prepared something special: a bonus riddle!


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Benefits of solving puzzles

For those who don’t know why solving puzzles is great, just read this short list of benefits below:

  1. Consumes little time. At least 10-20 minutes a day – is enough for the brain exercise.
  2. Great entertainment. If you don’t like solving puzzles, maybe you just haven’t found funny ones?
  3. Keeps brain healthy. Such exercises can even slow down the development of some mental diseases.
  4. Accelerated ingenuity. You can learn how to think outside of the box.


Ok, here we go with the new puzzles!

1. “Monster Show”

Here we have all sorts of monsters. They all crave for your love and attention. Aren’t they cute? Even Elemouse, Eyestar, and Yelly “The Horror” Dino came to the show. Every monster is one of his kind, except Rabhandies. Can you find and count them?

2. “Everybody has ups and downs”

The breezy, uninhabited beach is giving shivers to a boy in his small boat. Or maybe it’s this strange unknown fish which he is staring at? Or maybe…Maybe he is trapped in a beak of a huge wild bird, and that’s why he looks paralyzed? Can you see it?

3. “Bonus tricky trick”

Although it might seem stupid, there’s a rude and obvious mistake. Not even the brightest mathematicians of our planet could find it. But to give up yet! We are sure you can solve this trick.

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1. The answer to “Monster Show”

Of course, these Rabhandies couldn’t respect the rules and got to the show altogether. How many of them are here? How could they get on the show without invitations? We should probably show these seven disobedient monsters the door. The rule was simple: one of a kind!

2. The answer to “Everybody has ups and downs”

Did you manage to see the bird? The name of the riddle is the key. Just look at the picture “upside down.” Well, if that is real, the poor boy is in huge trouble.

3. The answer to “Bonus tricky trick”

No mathematician could find the error because it is not about the numbers! Did you solve the the riddle?

Great job! We are sure you did awesomely and solved everything with ease. But don’t relax, as we are going to bring you some more riddles soon. Meanwhile, share these with your friends and see how much smarter you are.

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