Mother Saves Her 9-Year-Old Girl From Constant Bullying At School

Date April 20, 2018

What would you do if your child said that they are being bullied at school? Irene Spektor took measures to prevent what could’ve been another case of bullying-based suicide. Her 9-year-old daughter is said to be bullied the whole third-year grade at Thelma L. Sandmeier School in Springfield, so the mother kept her home and filed a lawsuit against the school district.

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Little girl is bullied at school

According to the mother, the children were calling Emma different names, making fun of her freckles and birthmarks. Basically, they were making fun of everything they could. The bullies even threw away her artwork and told the girl she belongs in the garbage.

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Little Emma was crying every day and begging mother to transfer her to another class. Irene, like any good mother would do, tried to help her child. But the school denied the endless transfer requests. Moreover, later, the administration informed that all classes would remain the same for the fourth-grade year.

The mother decides to fight

Poor Emma even started having physical symptoms of bullying:

Her body began to show the toll of bullying — headaches, stomach aches, inability to sleep, all symptoms experts say bullied kids exhibit. She became withdrawn, skipping activities like recess, and eating her lunch with the guidance counselor.


Although the school management conducted an investigation, no reasons to suspect foul play were found. Obviously, it is much harder detect mental bullying rather than physical. Desperate Irene took her daughter out of school for a home education at least for now and sued the school for neglecting in addressing the issue. Irene told that "she would rather her repeat fourth grade then lose her forever." It’s been a couple of months, and Emma is feeling better now.

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How to help your child

This story is a great example of parents saving their kids from the consequences of horrible mental abuse at school. But what else can parents do in such situations?

1. Talk about it.

The first and most important thing to do is to talk. If the child is opening up about their horrible experience, you should praise them for being brave.

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2. Remove the bait.

Your child may be bullied for their pocket money or gadgets. Such situations can be neutralized by removing these kinds of “baits.”

3. Keep calm and cool.

Try to explain to your child that in many occasions, staying calm is the best defense. Usually, bullies feed upon their victims’ fears and panic.

4. Don’t fight alone.

Sometimes, it is reasonable to talk to bully’s parents in order to solve the problem. However, the best way is to set up a meeting with a school counselor; it can be more productive and less risky. /

We are sure that bullying can be stopped if parents and children understand its nature and know how to deal with it. Take care of yourself and your family.

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