Act Of Kindness: Students Surprised Their Teacher With A Puppy After He Lost His Dog

Date December 11, 2017

This is an example of sweet random acts of kindness we seldom hear daily. They leave us emotional throughout a day. Students of a high school came together to surprise their beloved teacher with a new puppy after his dog went missing.

The beloved teacher, Troy Rogers

Troy, who is the history teacher at Clements High School in Athens, must surely be respected and loved by his students. They saw his sadness and decided to support him.

Troy’s terrible loss

Troy Roger’s 11.5-year-old Golden, Chip, ran off in October and has not been found since then. The history teacher missed the dog terribly. Learners obviously sensed the terrible feeling their history teacher had over his missing dog. thus, they connived together to get him a present. They presented a 8-week-old Golden to him, and he was amazed.

The teacher took to his Facebook account to show gratitude to his students and staff members of the school. He shared photos his students, himself and the puppy with the caption below:

I cannot brag on my students and the Clements family enough. As all of you know, my 11.5 year old Golden, Chip, ran off three weeks ago, presumably to die. I've missed him terribly.

Well, fast forward to this morning.....Mrs. Erin Schweighardt Gray calls me to her room to show me her "Disney" surprise, because she's a "Disneyholic", like me....well, I get there, and I see all these students, my beautiful wife, my good friend and counselor Thomas Young, and a host of others, and my students presented us with this beautiful, 8-week old AKC Golden. Everyone, meet our newest family member, Clementine!

I love these kids. There are no words. I have offered to pay for the puppy, as I had no idea the kids were doing this. I would never have allowed such a thing. I will consequently be adding the estimated cost of the puppy to the senior fund, out of my pocket.

I'm completely floored and blindsided by their kindness.

Troy’s Facebook friends who got wind of the story and commented on his post with more loving words. See some of the comments below:

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