Norman Lloyd: The 103-Year-Old American Actor, Director, And Producer Is Not Ready To Retire

Date December 11, 2017

Norman Lloyd, originally born Norman Perlmutter on November 8th, 1914, in Jersey City, New Jersey, is a veteran American actor, director, and producer. He has experience in every major facet of the entertainment industry, which includes radio, television, theatre, and film, with a career spanning eight decades. If you are searching for whom to name the ‘oldest working actor in Hollywood’, the 103-year-old ticks the box.


Early life

Norman Lloyd lived in Brooklyn, New York. His mother, Sadie Horowitz, was a bookkeeper, while his father was an accountant who later became a furniture salesman and proprietor. He had two younger siblings, Ruth and Janice. It was his mother who had a lifelong interest in the theatre that regularly took Lloyd to singing and dancing lessons. At age of 9, he was already a professional performer.

After graduating from high school at age of 15, Lloyd went on to study at New York University but had to drop out at the end of his sophomore year due to the ‘Depression’ in the United States of America at the time. He was famously known to enjoy playing tennis, and he still loves watching baseball.


Theatre and films performances

When Norman was 17, he joined Civic Repertory Theatre in New York City as an apprentice. His first Broadway show was Noah (1935). One of his most memorable roles was when he played Cinna the Poet in Caesar (1937). He moved to Hollywood in 1939, but his first action came when he played a Nazi spy in Saboteur (1942). After a few more films where he acted as villains, he worked as an assistant behind the camera. The first film he directed was A Word to the Wives (1955) and, then, the television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1958).

Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, he directed and produced television series. In the 1980s, he acted in the television drama St. Elsewhere for 6 seasons and made his first film role of the decade in 1989, playing Nolan in Dead Poets Society. He also starred in In Her Shoes, and his most recent role was in Trainwreck (2015), when he was 99.


Norman Lloyd in ‘Creative Until You Die’

Lloyd and 9 other Hollywood veterans older than 90, who continued in the industry, appeared in Hollywood Reporter’s ‘Creative Until You Die’. See the video below:

If you need an inspiration to never quit what you do best, Norman Lloyd should be your role model. Norman who is presently 103 years of age, and now, he lives alone in his home since the death of his wife Peggy in 2011. He is still in search of scripts to produce one more film. It is safe to say he is the epitome of the popular saying, “Never say never”.

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