Grandmother And Granddaughter Graduate Together, And They Do Not Stop Here

Date December 20, 2017

The desire of getting a higher education made possible that these two amazing ladies, grandmother Belinda Berry, 62, and granddaughter Karea Berry, 25, graduated on the same day from Chicago State University.

Belinda and Karea together, on the road to success

Despite having health issues for the last two semesters, Belinda graduated with a 3.8 GPA, exceeding Karea (3.4 GPA), for which she considers her a "true inspiration." The value of hard work and education stands in the base of Belinda's moral values. She had been raising Karea since she was 2 years old in their Englewood apartment. These two had done everything together, so there is no wonder that they started school at the same day.

Karea, who earned her bachelor's degree in criminal justice, plans to start in 2018 at CSU's Masters in Mental Health Counseling Program. Belinda obtained her bachelor's degree in Business and plans to continue her studies in Business Administration. She is thankful that people consider her an inspiration and encourages others by claiming:

It is never too late to pursue an education.

"Everybody should always follow their dreams"

The quote belongs to Belinda and living by that they are now looking forward to their Master's studies, Karea is planning to be a Chicago police officer. Belinda also has a dream: She wants to open her own fashion boutique.

In Chicago State University's history, this is the first time a granddaughter graduates together with her grandmother. The institution appreciates diversity and the example Karea and Belinda set for other students.


Even though they had financial issues, they struggle to make higher education accessible for everybody. According to the press release, "In Englewood, there are only 1000 people from the 26 000 citizens who have four-year degrees." Due to their perseverance and sturdiness, the Berry family is now officially part of this group.

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