Couple Documented Their Hard Way To Becoming Parents. Their Daughter Found Out About This And Realized How Much Wanted She Was

Date October 13, 2017 10:43

Dealing with infertility can be a struggle for most couples. People with this kind of challenge often find themselves living in a constant emotional roller coaster of hope, disappointment, excitement, and even exhaustion. It can be a pretty draining experience. Then, when their dreams of conceiving a child finally come true, the feeling is just indescribably joyful.

The amazing thing about all this is that, as the child grows up, the novelty of that once life-changing experience often wears down and at the end of the day, most children do not even have an inkling of how hard their parents fought to have them.

A 19-year-old girl, however, recently discovered how wanted she was and this moment brought both her and her mother to tears.

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Hailey Weiss was about to start her sophomore year at college when she came home for a few things. She found a notebook in the basement and grabbed it with hopes of using it for her studies.

When she returned to school, she opened the book only to discover that it was where her parents documented the whole process of trying to conceive her. There was even a due date calculator in there.

Hailey immediately texted her mother to let her know what she had found. Her mom, overtaken with all the emotions that the memory brought back, replied with the text, saying:

I am crying! You are my miracle.

It turned out that years ago, Carrie, Hailey's mother, had problems conceiving due to a thyroid disorder. They never realized this until a specialist brought it to their attention and assured them that the condition was treatable. In the book, Carrie documented things like test results, referrals, temperature charts, and everything they kept track of while desperately trying to get pregnant. The Weiss eventually got their dream and had two children.

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Carrie shared the story with the Love What Happens Facebook page where it received over 7000 Likes.

Source: Love What Matters / Facebook