Hurricane Harvey Ruined A Firefighter's Wedding But Spared The Wedding Dress Of His Future Wife

Date October 17, 2017 15:14

Every woman dreams of a perfect wedding, white dress, beautiful flowers, and, of course, beloved groom. She wants her special day to be unique and leave pleasant, long-lasting memories for the entire life.

As a rule, brides dream about this day since their childhood. They plan everything to the tiniest detail. And when the day comes, they are all on edge, worrying that everything goes smoothly.

Stephanie Hoekstra was also one of those females who wanted everything to be perfect. She has prepared everything in advance, including the dress and all the provision. But Hurricane Harvey decided to intrude. 

Her wedding with Kyle Parry, a firefighter, was planned on September, 10th, but, as everyone knows, their plans were ruined. The couple decided to postpone the wedding a bit.  

Stephanie lives in Ontario, but before the wedding, she decided to leave her dress in her fiancé’s house. Little did she know that the hurricane would come and ruin all her plans.

Kyle was on duty during the storm. And when Stephanie called him and asked to check if her the dress was ok, he just couldn't do it due to his duties. When he finally got home, he was shocked to see that everything was flooded there.

He couldn't even think about the state of the dress. So, Kyle started filming his walk around the house, and when he opened the closet, the dress was safely hanging there untouched by the water.

It was a total shock both for Kyle and Stephanie. At the same time, the undamaged dress was a sign that they should marry soon.

So, the couple will marry soon. Meanwhile, they both are more worried about people suffering from the disaster. Kyle and Stephanie try to do their best to help others get back to a normal life.

Source: Liftable

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