Woman Chose To Carry Her Terminally Ill Baby To Term Because The Mom Believed Her Child Had A Purpose

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The family of tiny Annie Ahern was very happy when they found out her mother was carrying her inside. It was the best news ever, and they didn't expect anything bad before having a regular anatomy scan at the hospital.

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A few moments after, their life turned upside down when the doctor told them their baby was terminally ill:

What I have to tell you isn't easy. Your baby has anencephaly.

The words "incompatible with life" struck the mother, and she couldn't believe what she heard and saw. She thought it wasn't really happening.

Annie was their third daughter, and she was the only one whose name was easy for them to chose even before she was born. Annie means "grace." And her parents said:

We knew she had a purpose — even though she was not made for this world.

The news was shocking, but Annie's mother is an incredible woman who knew her baby had her purpose in this world, so she decided that her organs could be used for saving the lives of other babies.

When she shared the idea with her doctor, his reply was:

Are you sure this is what you want to do?

When her baby Annie was born, everyone was prepared that soon she would leave this world. They gathered the family to meet the precious girl. The moments when the mother was holding her child were the most memorable in her life. She felt it wouldn't be enough, no matter how many times she kissed Annie.

It appeared Annie's body organs couldn't be used for other babies, but they were taken for research purposes, and heart valves went to the recipients. At first, it was hard to accept this, but the family believed it was the purpose of their darling daughter.

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