Elvis’ Former Fiancée Speaks About Their Life Together And The Final Months Of His Life


Elvis Presley, the king of rock-n-roll, is well known for his stunning musical performances. Though, apart from that, media has always been interested in his love life, as there was not only one woman in it.

His past relationships

After his first marriage with Priscilla Presley ended in 1973, the king of rock-n-roll didn't hide any of his numerous relations. However, the attention was always drawn to the woman he was dating right before his untimely death.


Linda Thompson was the one, after whom Elvis found the love of his life as they say. They separated with Linda in 1976. And practically right after that, Elvis falls in love with Ginger Alden and asks her to move in with him.

Ginger Alden wrote a memoir in Elvis' honor.

Ginger Alden interview Scott : Considering all of Elvis' problems in the later years, what do you think was the core issue? Something seemed to be missing those last couple of years; what did Elvis need for fulfilment? Ginger : There is an unfair portrayal of Elvis out there. He was happy 98 percent of the time and I never got the feeling from him that something was missing in his life. I do know he wanted to get married and have more children. I was with him and we had many good times so this is hard for me to answer as I disagree. He was just at a quieter place in his life. Scott : From your perspective, do you think he was generally happy in his final months? Was there one thing or one area in his life where you think he was not on the right path? Ginger : Absolutely, Elvis was happy in his final months. I was with him and he was not depressed or sad. I wrote about certain things which I tried to help Elvis with but overall, he was generally in an upbeat and good mood. #elvispresley #gingeralden #elvis

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It was the woman who was with him all the time before his death. Besides, what is the most shocking, it's said he proposed to her right before the last days of his life. And only now Ginger decided to reveal their secret to the whole world.

Now, this woman has gathered all her courage and wrote a book about their life together called "Elvis and Ginger". She wants to tell the world the truth about what a kind and strong person Elvis Presley really was.

Ginger decided to write a memoir about her life with Elvis to commemorate the time they spent together. She mentioned that there had been many rumors about her and Elvis, which she decided to so she decided to eliminate any untruths that may still be circling.

How they met

She told in an interview for "Inside" that one of the most spread rumors was that the King of Rock 'n' Roll was unhappy with his life. Ginger wanted to clear this once and for all and said that it's not true. After all, she spent the last 9 months his life together even though she mentioned that she refused his invitation to move together to Graceland.

Even though his death was a tragic incident, the story of how they met is quite unusual. Apparently, they had met years before at a fairground when she was just a child.

However, their path crossed again decades later in November 1976. Elvis invited Ginger's sister, Terry to his mansion. Fortunately, it was Ginger who went on the trip with another sister, Rosemary, and she immediately captivated the King's attention.

She said:

I know this sounds funny but when Elvis entered the room, I thought trumpets would sound. He looked so handsome.

Later, Ginger accompanied Elvis on a tour in Las Vegas and he proposed to her with the biggest diamond ring she'd ever seen, encrusted with sapphires.

Their story may have ended prematurely, but her memories will last forever.

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