Man's Best Friend: Dogs Are The Best Companions For Babies

Date January 18, 2018

Pets make pretty good companions for children. it is particularly endearing when parents buy pets as babies just when they have their own babies. Watching the younglings grow together can be heartwarming.

And of all the animals, dogs are perhaps the most interesting. They are very sociable and can be taught a lot when they are young, just like human babies.

Dogs can also be very protective of their owners and generally seem to take a special liking for children. They also love to have fun. Today we share these adorable videos with children and their dogs.

Two peas in a pod.

This wolf dog can sing lullabies.

Who needs mummy to push me when I’ve got you.

We can play hopscotch.

Yes, you can crawl. And I can crawl with you.

This cute fella sounds just as sad as his baby.

And here’s a pooch taking his little owner for a walk.

It’s always a special moment when dogs meet babies for the first time.

Even the big ones are so gentle with babies.

Cuteness overload. What are you waiting for? Grab your keys and go get a cute little puppy. You can thank us later.

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