Absolutely Hilarious Roles Of Betty White During Her Career

Date January 16, 2018

Betty White is turning 96! She was born in 1922 and remains the longest living female with the longest career in the entertainment industry. She is also one of the first women to ever have control of a major production, both in front of the camera as an actor and behind the screen.

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With the Great Depression still holding all of America in its grip, a young Betty White was forced to move with her family from Oak Park, Illinois to Los Angeles. At the time, Betty was fresh out of college. Keen on starting a career and fending for herself, she decided to take a shot at acting.

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Starting out, she was always turned down as most studios considered her “unphotogenic”. But in 1939, she scored a spot singing on TV with her fellow classmates. Thus, her long romance with television was started.

TV roles over the years

Betty White has been on television since 1939, and these are some of her most exciting onscreen moments.


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Betty was a celebrity guest on the hit TV game show, hosted by Allen Ludden.

Mary Tyler Moore, Grant Tinker, Allen Ludden and I had some of the best times of my life together. She was special.

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The Betty White Show

Betty played Joyce Whitman, an actress who scores a role playing a detective in a fictitious police series.

The Love Boat

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The 80s series were set on a cruise ship. It was about a ship’s captain played by Gavin MacLeod and his merry crew. Betty made several appearances as different characters on the show. The show was about the crew and their cheesy romantic liaisons.

The Golden Girls

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It aired on NBC from 1985 to 1992. Betty played Rue McClanahan, one of four characters, older women sharing an apartment in Miami, Florida. She won an Emmy for her role, alongside her co-stars, a feat achieved by only two other shows in Hollywood history.

The Proposal

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Betty played Grandma Annie "Gammy", a grandmother to the lead character Andrew Paxton (played by Ryan Reynolds). The movie was a box office hit, earning Betty a teen choice award in 2010 for Choice Scene Stealer – Female.

She still got it

Betty may be turning 96, but she still is passionate about her art and continues to bag roles in major movies and other television productions.

Hot in Cleveland

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Betty White plays Elka Ostrovsky, an elderly Polish caretaker, in this TV sitcom, which originally debuted on TV Land. Initially, her role was designed to be a guest appearance in the pilot, but producers loved her performance so much; thus, they wrote her into the series and made her a regular.

Off Their Rockers

Betty was the host of this popular gag show. Senior citizens would play pranks on much younger people. The show was also executive produced by Betty and earned three Primetime Emmy nominations.


She was immortalized in the popular children’s cartoon, SpongeBob SquarePants, in 2015 as a doodling granny.

Is that Betty on Twitter?

Yes. Betty is in the loop and is very active on Twitter. Here, she is hanging out on The Late Show with James Corden.

She may not be a rapper, but yes, she can dab.

And never shy to share her thoughts about colleagues.

Her sense of humor is legendary.

We know we still have a couple of hours to wait. But we are jumping in first to say Happy Birthday Betty.

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