Pets And Their Owners: How They Have Changed Over The Years While Growing Up Together


January 12, 2018 10:00 By Fabiosa

There’s nothing more beautiful and truly amazing than having a pet that you can always play with and dot on. Friends come and go, but pets are loyal to a fault.

Then and now: my buddy PC and I, 2002 and 2013

They stick with you through the rough, good, and bad times. It’s even better when the bond between a pet and its owner has lasted a lifetime.

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Forever in my heart - I will forever love you baby boy ????????

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The bond between a pet and his owner

The bond between the owner and his pet cannot be over-emphasized. It’s so genuine and real. These adorable little creatures are always there for you right from childhood to adolescence and then adulthood.

My dog and I, 1998 and 2012

They are there for you on your first day at school, your first heartbreak, first day at college and what have you. We dare say that your pet is the one living thing that you can totally depend on. They’ll never let you down.

Just me and my cat... 17 years later from pics

All grown up from aww

Aside from being loyal and all, they are great listeners: You can totally tell them your deepest secret, and the worst they’ll do is listen.

Best Friends Since 1997

People recreating photos with their pets

A lot of people have taken to social media to share adorable photos with their pets while growing up. Many have gone as far as recreating the photos.

There is the amazing photo of a guy who recreates a photo with his dog fifteen years later just to say goodbye. It’s so touching and adorable that he actually wore the same shirt as the very first time he took a photograph with his pet.

14 years later...Me and My Pup

Photographed smiling into the camera, it’s obvious both pet and the owner must have loved each other.

There is yet another touching picture of a guy and his cat. They were born on the same day, and the cat was gifted to him by his grandparents. But just a week before  their 21st birthday, his cat died! Theirs is a beautiful-tragic story indeed.

Me and my bro 12 years later :')

All over the internet are just pictures of adorable pets that have spent years with their owners.

Pets and their owners

My pup and me, four years apart

Cute Malamute Puppy Turns into a Giant Fury Beast

Do you know that as pets and their owners grow and age together, the furry friends tend to look more like their owners? Yep, it’s a scientific fact. Perhaps, we tend to choose pets that look a bit like us.

Our pets tend to look like us, act like us, and reciprocate our feelings. Little wonder they are considered man’s best friend.

3 years of friendship

I saw the 9 year friendship, decided to share my 15 year friendship! Meet Monty!

Pets are adorable little creatures, so it’s really heartbreaking when one loses his little friend to the cold hands of death. It’s like losing a best friend, someone you’ve loved for years and grown with; and that’s why some people prefer not to have pets at all.

The day we got our puppy, and 11 years later


Be that as it may, it’s far better to have one than not to have any at all. So go get yourself a new pet and experience the extraordinary bond between a pet and a human.

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