27 Photos Showing That Bomb Cyclone Did Not Break People Of New York Who Were Still Enjoying Life


After experiencing bone-chilling temperatures, Americans faced ridiculous amounts of snow and strong wind. The storm, called the bomb cyclone, pounded the nation a couple of days ago, causing the states to declare an emergency state, delay flights, and even close schools.

Sounds scary and unsettling, but people still found something beautiful in bad weather, sharing amazing snaps on their Twitter and Instagram accounts. We would gladly share some of the most stunning pictures from the storm with you.

1. "A little snow no problem, a #BombCyclone, strap on a helmet and bring it...Head-On! And that's why the unofficial names for the Lions in front of the New York Public Library are 'Patience' and 'Fortitude'. You see, this image, to me, represents the Fortitude of New Yorkers, that we display, in the face of adversity."

2. "While most people who hear of a bomb cyclone run for shelter, I went out to explore. The sideways wind and snow made me wish I was home in front of the fireplace but nothing compares to fresh snow in New York City. Thankfully my camera is now dry and I can now bend my fingers again."

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3. "Proceed with caution."

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4. "Just that little pop of color."

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5. "Time to hibernate."

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6. "Each time snow in January shows the nature of Hell Kitchen name."

7. "Seeing is believing and I’m definitely doing it this year."

8. "A monstrous snowstorm takes over the streets of NYC Jan. 4th, 2018."

9. "Hailing cabs maybe tricky during a snow storm, so when in doubt take a stroll, embrace the cold, shiver a little, but not for too long. Soon it will be spring!"

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10. "The first winter storm of 2018! Snow is still accumulating and winds are picking up. Stay safe and warm!"

11. "Upper East Side, NYC."

12. "January brings the snow, makes our feet and fingers glow.” - Sara Coleridge. Stay warm everyone!"

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13. "Brrrr Mother Nature is not joking around."

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14. "And hard times are good in their own way, too. Because the only way you can achieve true happiness is if you experience true sadness as well. It's all about light and shade. Balance." ― Gabrielle Williams.

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15. "Tell me one more time how much you love the cold weather."

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16. "First snowstorm of the year 2018."

Some people immediately took shelter from the snow, but extreme-lovers totally loved the raging blizzard.

17. "Upper East Side, NYC."

18. "Currently going on in Central Park, are we still in New York City?"

19. "☕️ #nycblizzard"

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20. "Whiteout #BombCyclone selfie."

21. "Snow day reminds me why I love this city."

Now that the bomb cyclone is over, it’s high time to enjoy some quality time with family and friends by playing in the snow, having fun, and taking some beautiful winter photos.

22. "Winter Wonderland."

23. "After the storm."

24. "Snowy morning."

25. "After Bomb Cyclone @ Central Park."

26. "Snowy & serene scenes from 's Central Park today."

27. "The fallout from continues! Be safe! Have fun!"

Seems there’s no such thing as bad weather.

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