20 Hilarious Tweets From Very Frustrated Parents

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February 12, 2018 10:45 By Fabiosa

Parenting is an everyday task that presents its own unique challenges. For some people, it provides an awesome opportunity to bond with children. For others, parenting is a nightmare. From the very moment a baby is born, a whole new adventure begins.

Usually, the best way to experience parenting is to become a parent.

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Things parents say

Some of these parents found themselves in the most awkward situations, and their reactions are hilarious.

Sweetie, get off the floor!

Questions kids ask.

Don't envy their limber limbs.

Sleep was supposed to be warm and fun.


Who needs ol’ Joe when you have kids.

How to get your kids to clean themselves.

You are smart, they are smarter.


If you love your kitchen, take a note.

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More questions that make sense.

Sometimes, it’s best to just leave babies alone.

ID tags are in order.

When the chips are down, you’re history.

Work! Work!! Work!!!

TV shows.

Kids tend to grow on you, and it shows.

You can learn a naughty thing or two too.

A teachable moment to ponder on.

Being a janitor just made it on your resume.

Two can play the game.

It’s a two-way street


Parenting is not just about raising kids. In a lot of ways, it is also about kids raising parents. After all, one cannot exist without the other. Don’t you agree?

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