4 Years Ago, The World Lost A Great Actor Paul Walker, But People Still Remember ‘Fast & Furious’ Star

Date November 30, 2017

Four years ago, the world lost Paul Walker, a talented actor and simply handsome fellow. The actor passed away after a fatal car accident at the age of 40. Millions of devoted fans around the world still pay tribute to the “Fast & Furious” star. Today, we want to share some interesting facts about his life and career achievements in memory of the late actor.


1. Early career

Paul Walker started his career in Hollywood as a model and actor. He appeared in a number of popular TV shows, such as “Who’s the Boss?” and “Highway to Heaven.” His acting debut was in the horror movie Monster in the Closet. After that, Walker played in several soap operas and gained a huge popularity among female fans.


2. Star Wars

Walker was auditioned for the role in the iconic Star Wars, but his candidacy was declined by a producer. Later, the actor confessed it was the role he had always dreamed about, and Paul regretted a lot that he did not get it.


3. Pleasantville

One of the most prominent roles in Walker’s career was in the well-known Pleasantville. Despite the fact that Paul had only a supportive role in the film, he received positive feedback from critics and fans. The film was nominated for several Academy Awards.


4. Fast & Furious

The role which made Walker a world-known star was in the legendary Fast & Furious. It was a real breakthrough in the actor’s career. The movie and its further franchise had enormous popularity around the world and made Paul rich and famous at once. The actor had a passion for street racing just like his character Brian O’Connor.

5. His daughter Meadow

The actor had never been married. He has a daughter, Meadow Rain Walker. Meadow is raised by her mother. Her godfather is Vin Diesel, a close friend and co-actor of Walker.


6. Tribute in memory of the great actor

Paul Walker passed away after a tragic car accident when he was going to attend a charity event. His friend was driving a car but lost control. All the cast of Fast & Furious, the actor’s close friends, and millions of fans shared emotional tributes in memory of the great actor.

Paul Walker will always stay in hearts and minds of his family, friends, and numerous fans around the world.

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Paul Walker