9-Month-Old Ring Bearer Fell Asleep At The Wheel During The Wedding Ceremony

Date November 16, 2017 18:12

Babies can literally sleep everywhere - in the most unlikely places, time, and circumstances. However, they never fell asleep at the ideal time. A cute kid from the video below stole his parents’ wedding by falling asleep just in the middle of the ceremony.

David and Roselle’s wedding

Допис, поширений Roselee Sadek (@roseleesadek)

David and Roselle Pierce will remember their wedding day for a long time, and that’s not only because of a fancy celebration. Their 9-month-old son, Maxen Pierce, became a real star at the ceremony. The matter is that the little ring bearer just couldn’t keep his eyes open when he was riding down the aisle in a remote-controlled car.

Допис, поширений Roselee Sadek (@roseleesadek)

Apparently, the electric car was going too slowly, or the little boy was too exhausted during all these wedding preparations, and he just decided to have a sweet nap. Nevertheless, all 240 welcomed guests simply burst into laughter at the sight of the sleeping boy driving down the aisle. Maxen’s mom was the one who enjoyed the cute moment most of all.

I'm standing at the altar so I got the best view of it. It was just hilarious. I mean, he was taking a nap and it was time to ride down the aisle.

InsideEdition / YouTube

Roselle explained that her little angel was “milk drunk” after all this wedding routine. Thanks God, there was no ‘kids police’ to give the boy a ticket for improper driving.

InsideEdition / YouTube

When Roselle shared this cute video of her wedding ceremony on social media, it has immediately gone viral.

A little sleeper

Maxen Pierce obviously became the star of the whole ceremony. The boy’s parents said he turned their big day into a never-to-be-forgotten event.

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