Beyoncé Released Her New Video On ‘Freedom’ To Attract Public Attention To The International Day Of The Girl

Date October 16, 2017 09:47

11th October is celebrated as the International Day of the Girl. The aim of this holiday is to show everyone how difficult it is being a girl and to inspire women all over the world to stand up for the basic human rights. In the 21st century, there should be no barriers that continue to hold women back. It is impossible to transform their lives for the best without equal gender opportunities. Most girls face disadvantage and discrimination on a daily basis, and that must be stopped.


People from different countries must unite their forces to give abused women the support they need. It is necessary to find sources of empowering girls worldwide to have better education, better survival rates, and better health services. Some popular celebrities also make efforts to attract global attention to this problem and help build a better future for all women.


Recently, Beyoncé released a powerful video for her song ‘Freedom’ in honor of the International Day of the Girl. The star is famous for her public activity, and she always takes part in various charity events. Also Beyoncé is a great example of woman which take care of her family:


Her video features young girls of different nations who call on protecting women’s rights and increasing girls’ power. This power means every woman has the right and ability to make decisions and speak up for herself. Power is her belief that her actions make a difference.


Please, watch and share the inspiring video of Beyoncé’s ‘Freedom’ appeal.

Nowadays, it is important to hold events that will help raise social awareness and support the empowerment of girls worldwide. Not just celebrities and country leaders can do something to help. Every person should not stand aside from this serious problem. Together, people can create a positive reality of truly empowered and independent women who will change our society for the better.

Source: People