Celebrities Turned Into Disney Characters In The Latest 'Dancing With The Stars' Episode

Date October 18, 2017

It is not always easy for the participants of popular talent shows to impress the audience and judges. They need to look for new creative ideas to make a good performance. The latest ‘Dancing With the Stars’ episode was one of the most popular ones. "The Disney Night" took viewers back to the 1920s into the magical world of Disney characters.

Celebrities performed the dances inspired by Walt Disney classics like “The Lion King,” “Snow White,” “The Little Mermaid,” and others. The stars said that it was the best idea for the show, when you don’t need to concentrate on the steps and just have fun with the dance.

Despite the fact that adults do not represent the main audience for Disney movies, they love them just as much as kids or even more. Disney classics inspire feelings of good nostalgia in everyone who grew up with them. These movies teach us the useful lessons we cherish throughout life. We can make all dreams come true with a hard work and dedication.

All participants took seriously the choice of their costumes. For example, Vanessa Lachey said that her favorite Disney movie was “Snow White,” and she wished to transform into her favorite Disney character since the early childhood.

Disney Night gave us a great opportunity to make our own fairy tales come true. It’s so amazing feeling!

You can watch the opening number of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Disney Night in this adorable video.

Disney Night had a great success among the audience. People don’t like to watch dancers performing boring routines, they want to see celebrities make fun of themselves by expressing their creativity. Disney songs and movies have no time and age limits. They will live forever. Walt Disney once said, “all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” We can’t disagree with him.

Source: People

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