Daniel Radcliffe Told About The Lessons He Learned From ‘Harry Potter’ And The Impact Of His Career On His Life

Date October 18, 2017

The first ‘Harry Potter’ movie appeared on screen 16 years ago, but it is still popular nowadays. Harry Potter is the second biggest movie franchise of all time, and it has many devoted fans all over the world. Today, it is impossible to imagine someone else instead of Daniel Radcliffe in the main role. Some people say that it was the biggest role in his career, and Daniel would never distance himself from Harry. So, let’s find out what the actor thinks about his life-changing role after 16 years.


A nationwide casting was undertaken to find a right boy who could fit Potter’s shoes, but none of them matched the high requirements of producers and the book’s author, Joanne Rowling. One of the screenwriters, who was a friend of Daniel’s father, advised the man to show his little son to the movie’s producer. Radcliffe said that he spent a sleepless night before his casting. Nevertheless, the boy did a screen test, which astounded Rowling.

This is our new Harry Potter. We finally found him.


The role of the little wizard made Radcliffe famous and rich. He was included in the list of the richest teenagers in the world. The young actor became world famous after the movie premiere, and further series of the franchise confirmed this status. When someone asks the actor about his career choice, Daniel answers that he does not have any regrets. He realizes that for most people, he will always remain Harry Potter.

You can watch Daniel’s interview in which he speaks about Harry Potter and the lessons he learned.

Radcliffe said that being an actor is an integral part of his life. He can’t imagine himself as someone else. Though, Daniel doesn’t like to speak about the difficulties of acting on stage. He adds, “No one wants to hear actors talk about how hard shoots are. It’s not a thing that makes ourselves special. But still, I would not choose another career.”


Daniel Radcliffe is definitely the talented actor who takes his work seriously. He was brilliant in ‘Harry Potter’ and many other good movies. No wonder, he has a lot of true fans in the whole world. We love and respect Radcliffe for his great talent and incredible sense of humor.

Source: Huffingtonpost

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