'Hygge': Danish Art Of Coziness And Maximum Comfort

Date November 20, 2017

What is 'hygge' and why people try to follow this brand new trend? Social media calls ‘hygge’ the word of the year, but it appears that not everyone has a correct understanding of what it actually means. So, here are some interesting facts to know about this approach to life.

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What is hygge

'Hygge' is the Danish lifestyle trend, which is associated with a feeling of happiness and coziness. The word can be translated as “well-being.” 'Hygge' is not just some modern trend, it’s a philosophy - a way of life that helps people from Danmark enjoy simple everyday things. Danes say that life is too short, and there is no place in it for worries and melancholy.

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There is a reason why Danish philosophy of happiness is going popular worldwide. Statistics shows that people who live in Denmark are the happiest in the world. This country holds this longstanding position since 2013. The recent study made in 2017 shows that Denmark takes the second place out of 156 ‘happiest’ countries worldwide.

What habits are considered Hygge

Danes confirm they are actually the happiest people, and 'hygge' is the secret of their success. The idea is based on making the ordinary things special and meaningful through ritualizing everyday routine.

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Simple things, such as lighting candles, trying delicious food, brewing real tea, or even wearing your favorite warm socks, belong to 'hygge'. Sitting near a fireplace and reading your favorite book also means 'hygge'. Listening to some good music in the company of your close friends – is 'hygge' as well.

In other words, 'hygge' means everything that makes you feel cozy and happy. Enjoying every precious moment of life is the main concept of Danish philosophy.

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Experience of people who practice 'hygge'

People who practice Danish lifestyle tend to have better mental health and higher life satisfaction. With anxiety and stresses that people face every day, 'hygge' stretches far beyond Danish borders. Its popularity grows worldwide because it’s very easy for anyone to start practicing it. Enjoy the little things in your life, and you're on your way to become happier. It may sound unreal, but it actually works.

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Holidays, especially Christmas, are the most popular seasons for 'hygge'. Winter can be long and dark, and a lot of people feel lonely during all this ‘happy holidays’ routine. Lighting candles, enjoying your favorite drink, and watching a good movie - these simple 'hygge' techniques can make you feel more satisfied and happy during busy holiday atmosphere.

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It is obvious that the Danish brand of coziness and comfort has transformed into a new culture, which has already proved its effectiveness for millions of people. 'Hygge' philosophy is pretty simple, and if it can help people become happier, then it is really worth trying.

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