Little Prince George Tells About His Favorite Movie. It's "The Lion King"

Date October 18, 2017

Royal family members are just the same people as we are. They also enjoy doing ordinary things, such as going to a zoo or watching movies together. Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t make an exception. The happy couple likes spending time with their kids. “These moments together are precious for us,” said Kate in one of her latest interviews.


Turns out, their little son, George, loves Disney movies just as much as anyone else. The boy likes Disney classic, and his favorite movie is 'The Lion King'. His choice makes sense, don’t you agree? It seems pretty logical that Prince George likes this amazing story about a cub who grows up and takes his father's position of a king. William and Kate say that their son can watch this movie a couple of times every week.

Trying to keep him off the television is a hard work.

Little George knows every word of the movie’s song “Hakuna Matata” and always sings along with Simba. The royal kid likes “the problem-free philosophy” mentioned in this cute song.


Most people have watched this Disney movie about a lion prince growing up to become a king. Prince George’s choice is easy to understand. The boy also can’t wait to become a brave and fair king just as his favorite Disney character.

Disney classic movie will live forever. All of us love and admire Disney characters because they are honest, brave, and know how to make their dreams come true. These good movies inspire feelings of good nostalgia in everyone who grew up with them. It’s a useful thing for parents to introduce the magnificent world of Disney characters to their kids.

Prince George