Marine Son Surprised His Mom With Unexpected Visit

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November 17, 2017 17:33 By Fabiosa

Most people love surprises, and some surprises are really worth waiting for. A marine officer, Tre’Vaughn, set up the best secret imaginable for his loving mom, Rekita Lee from Florida.

Rekita and her son

The matter is that Rekita’s son serves as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corp. The woman hadn’t seen Tre’Vaughn for a year since he left to serve in Japan. They planned to spend some time together during the holidays, but unfortunately, Rekita found out that she wouldn't be able to visit her son overseas.

The woman was heartbroken with sad news, but she had no idea her son planned to make her a surprise. Tre'Vaughn told his family he was being sent to a new location for an important training mission and added that his busy schedule would not let him making phone calls. Rekita said:

He didn't want to tell me many details because he didn't want me to be nervous.

Tre’Vaughn didn't tell his family he was coming home. He just informed his grandparents a few days before his arrival and said he was planning a surprise for his mom.

In the video, Rekita comes in her parents’ house with a large box and does not see her son at first. But when she sees him, the woman simply can’t hold back her happy emotions. She can’t help crying and hugging her son.  You can watch their emotional reunion in the video below.

Surprise for mom

Tre'Vaughn made the best surprise for his mom by coming home for Thanksgiving, and it was just what Rekita needed for the holiday. “He's such an awesome kid, I could not be more proud of him.” The woman said it was definitely her best present for Thanksgiving.

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