Marine Who Lost Both Legs Participates In 31 Marathons To Raise Money For Wounded Veterans

Date October 19, 2017

Finishing one marathon is already a good testament to everyone’s physical and mental abilities, but running 31 of them seems beyond the possibility. Rob Jones, a marine veteran who lost both legs in Afghanistan, decided to accept the challenge.

In 2010, Rob Jones was deployed to Afghanistan. During his patrol, Rob stepped on a mine that exploded beneath him. After several difficult operations, his both legs were amputated. While recovering physically and mentally from his wounds, the marine decided that his special condition would not stop him from living the full life.

After Jones overcame the most traumatic event in his life, he started raising money for wounded veteran charities. His aim is to prove that despite physical injuries, people can contribute to the society.

Rob has a goal to run 31 marathons within 31 days. He started in London and made his way to North America. Every day, the marine is running 26.2-miles distance and even invites other people to join him on his trip. The journey will end in Washington.

During this month, Jones hopes to raise one million dollars to help wounded veteran organizations. He said that he’s very excited about the whole marathon thing, and he hopes to make his dream come true. “With every mile, I am closer to my main goal.”

You can watch Jones in action in the video below.

Jones shows a great example to other people that despite all difficulties, the most important thing in life is a strong faith. His life experiences have taught Rob to believe that he can handle everything. If you have a noble mission, nothing should stop you from following your dream.

Sourse: ABC News

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