Mother Tells Her Heartbreaking Story Of Baby Loss: “How Could My Daughter Look So Perfect And Be So Sick?”

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March 26, 2018 14:08 By Fabiosa

Any woman who knows what it feels like to lose a baby will not stay indifferent to this story.  It was not easy for Markie Ostler to share her heartbreaking baby loss experience, but she did it to raise awareness among other parents.

“How could my daughter look so perfect, and be so sick?”

Markie Oster has never thought she would become a ‘loss mom’. The woman was 23 when she met her husband Andrew. They started dating, and year after, they got married. Friends call their marriage “a perfect balance” as it is. A year after, Markie gave birth to their son Urban.

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Markie always wanted to have a big family with many kids to be really close in age. One year after Urban was born, Markie discovered she was pregnant again. But unlike her first pregnancy, the woman experienced some complications that were concerning to her.

Nevertheless, after her first ultrasound, she was so happy to see a perfect little tadpole with a strong heartbeat. The test showed Markie was expected a girl.

After several months, Markie was supposed to have a detailed anatomy scan of her baby to make sure there will be no surprises when she is born. The night before the scan, Markie barely slept. She was tormented by a strange feeling that something terrible is going to happen.

After the test was done, her doctor said the words she would never forget, “Now, I have to tell you that I do see a problem…”

The doctor then explained to Markie that he saw some abnormalities with her baby girl’s heart and added she needs a complicated surgery.

Markie called her husband who was out of town for business and told him what the doctor said. She cried on the phone:

People aren’t exempt from awful things happening to them and it’s our turn. I knew something was wrong. I had felt it all along.

The next weeks before pregnancy, Markie could think only about the future surgery and her little baby girl. The desperate mother kept asking herself:

Will she be scared? Will she be in pain? Will she only know the inside of a hospital? Will I get to have her in this life? Will I have her for a few hours? Days? Weeks? Months? Years? 

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Tragic loss

The baby was born in November 2017. Her parents chose a beautiful name for their sweet angel - Everly Jo Ostler. Looking at her baby, Markie asked herself the same question:

She was stunning. She was absolutely perfect. How could she look so perfect, and be so sick?

Soon after birth, little Everly Jo underwent her first open heart surgery. It was a success. After several weeks, the baby girl underwent her second surgery. Everly was finally able to breathe on her own. She continued to get stronger every day. Her parents called it a real blessing.

Everly Jo spent the next month in a hospital. Markie felt so happy to hold her daughter in her arms dreaming about the moment when she could take her home.

The family celebrated Christmas altogether in Everly Jo’s hospital room. A few days later, Markie headed home to take a shower. She planned to return to the hospital in several hours. But suddenly, she received a phone call from the doctor. He told her to get back to the hospital immediately.

The drive to the hospital was awful. Andrew and I were both silent. We were both praying that Everly would pull through and be just fine by the time we got there. 

When the parents came into Everly’s room, they saw there were about 20 medical professionals surrounding her. One of the doctors told Markie they had been trying to revive Everly for almost an hour, and even if they end up getting her heart to beat again, they were not sure about brain damage.

The doctors were trying to save Everly’s life for the next several hours. Her parents stayed in the room with her, when one if the surgeons threw his hands in the air and said, “That’s it. There is nothing else we can do”.

Everly Jo passed away. The entire medical staff came to the devastated parents with tears in their eyes telling how sorry they were.

I could feel that her spirit was not in her body anymore. She wasn’t there. I am sure some moms could spend hours and hours with their child’s body, but I couldn’t. It just wasn’t her anymore.

The next day, she was busy planning a funeral. It has been a few months since the death of Everly Jo, and Marlie wonders how she is still breathing.

I feel like never getting out of bed, most days I feel sorry for myself, but every day I feel grateful. I am grateful that I was given almost 5 weeks with her, when some mothers don’t even get that.

Today, Markie says she has made it her life mission to raise awareness for this disease that takes so many of children’s lives. The woman wants to find a cure so that no other parent has to feel the pain that she does.

We couldn’t hold back tears after hearing Markie’s story. If you want to share your thoughts about it, we will be glad to read them in the comments.

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