Weirdest Royal Jobs Which Really Exist In The Palace Today

Date March 28, 2018 10:55

Who would refuse to be a king or a queen and live in a beautiful palace with lots of servants? Did you know that the household of the English royal family currently employs around 1,200 people? Maybe, it sounds like a little too much. And if you expect to find housekeepers, gardeners, nannies, and chefs, for example, there are also some job positions in the palace which will surprise you a lot.

Here is the list of the weirdest royal jobs. And do not doubt, all these jobs are real.


The astronomer royal


A position of the Royal Astronomer appeared in 1675 when King Charles II appointed John Flamsteed to map out the motions of the heavens. The prestigious job exists at the present day too. This person is responsible for advising the royals on all astronomical matters.

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The shoe-wearer


You heard it right – there is actually a position of the Shoe-wearer in the royal palace. We all love new shoes, and Her Majesty is not an exception. But it is so annoying to wear the shoes when you don’t feel comfortable with them. Luckily, the Queen has a person who will do it for her. This person is called the Shoe-wearer.

The warden and marker of the swans


At first, there was originally only one position called the Keeper of the swans, but since 1993, it was decided that one person is not enough to handle all the duties and take care of the royal swans. So, today there are two persons in the palace responsible for the wellbeing of these majestic creatures – the Warden and the Marker of the swans.

The royal clock winder


Time is precious, especially for the members of the royal family. Did you know that there are over a thousand clocks in Buckingham Palace and other royal residences? So, it’s quite obvious the Her Majesty needs a person responsible for maintaining and setting all these clocks. This noble job position is called the Royal Clock Winder.

Piper to the sovereign


This job position was created by Queen Victoria in 1843. The main responsibility of the Piper is to play under the Queen’s window every day at 9 a.m for 15 minutes.

Keeper of the Queen's stamps


The tradition to have a Keeper of stamps in the palace came from King George V, who was a big fan of collecting stamps. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is reportedly not a fan of stamps, however, she inherited a big collection from her father. So, now she needs a person who will preserve King’s collection.

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Surveyor of the Queen's pictures


Everything should be perfect in the royal palace. As far as, Her Majesty owns a great collection of pictures, she needs a Surveyor responsible for them. There are reportedly over 2,000 of pictures in Buckingham Palace and the Surveyor should take care of all the paintings that hang on the walls.


All these job positions really exist in the palace today. Which one in your opinion is the weirdest of them? We look forward to hearing your opinion in the comments.

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