3 True Weight Loss Stories From People Who Really Did It (With Before/After Photos)

Date March 27, 2018

Today, in the modern society, people face many problems, and weight loss is probably one of the most widespread and obsessive ones. We all got tired of hearing about celebrities’ magical weight loss as well as of watching their photoshopped perfect bodies on Instagram.

We have three true stories of real people who share their amazing experience of weight loss and show before/after photos.

Kate McGinty

Kate McGinty is a newsroom editor. She is 33 now. Kate has always dreamed to lose weight being on various diets from her teen years.

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One day, Kate was searching Facebook and found a private group, whose members dream of dropping weight as much as she does. Kate joined the group immediately and began a 21-day workout program together with other members.

After 3 weeks, Kate did succeed in dropping 34 pounds. The woman said the program helped her a lot because it committed to all members supporting each other on the platform every day.

Having the support group means having people to celebrate with you, cheer you, relate to you, and hold you accountable.

Kristina Guice

Kristina Guice is 24. The young lady got used to counting calories since her early years after one boy at school called her ‘fat’. Kristina started to do exercises and run every morning. She discovered that setting tiny goals and achieving them one by one works the best for her.

Breaking that up into small milestones of five or so pounds helps a lot.

In general, Guice shed 103 pounds in five months. Kristina explained how she motivated herself to reach her goal. She rewarded herself for dropping every 10 pounds with something pleasant: a manicure, new jeans, movie night. The rewards help her stay focused on her results.

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Desiree S.

Desiree is 32. The woman recalls the day when she suddenly realized she has to change her life completely and she decided to start with her appearance. At that time she weighed 275 pounds.

Desiree made a web search and found one clean-eating website. After consulting a specialist, Desiree totally changed her daily ration. She chose to eliminate pasta, chips, red meat, fried food, and replacing them with fruits and vegetables. She also started to attend gym 4 times per week.

In half a year, Desiree lost 137 pounds. Today, the young lady dreams of becoming a fitness trainer to help other people suffering from excess weight.

If you really want it, it'll be worth it. But don't think you can lose weight and then go back to the way things were.

We are really grateful to these women for sharing their weight loss experience and hope each of you will find something useful in their stories.

If you have your own real-life story and want to share it with us, we will be happy to read them in the comments.

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