Elvis And Lisa Marie Presley’s Mesmerizing Singing Duo Of The Eminent Hit, 'Don’t Cry Daddy'

Date January 26, 2018

Elvis Presley’s daughter, Lisa Marie, made a mesmerizing music video on one of his greatest hits, where she sings it as a duet along with her legendary father. It’s really worth watching.

I got more emotional during that recording than I've ever gotten.

Father-daughter relationship

People say it doesn't matter who your parents were, it matters who you remember they were. Lisa Marie Presley remembers eminent Elvis Presley as the best father she could have.

He used to sing her lullabies even in the middle of the night when he was exhausted after a concert. Perhaps, that was the reason why Lisa has become such a big music fan.

I remember him as my dad, but he was a very exciting dad. We never got bored together.


Lisa Marie inherited her famous dad’s passion for music. She is a popular singer and songwriter.



To memorialize her late father, Lisa made a music video on Elvis’ song “Don’t cry daddy,” where she sings it as a duet along with her dad. The video includes images of Elvis.


Lisa Marie said she considered several songs for the duet, but this is the one that spoke to her the most.

There was something special about it.


Thanks to the computer technologies, the two seem to be singing next to each other, as if Elvis really is right there with his grown daughter. Just listen to this incredible duo singing. It can make anyone’s heart melting.

Elvis and Lisa Marie’s incredible duo singing

That was something that hasn't been done before. It’s truly awesome! The King could be proud of his talented daughter.


What do you think about this exceptional duo singing? We look forward to hearing your opinion.

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