Claire Foy’s Husband Was Diagnosed With Brain Tumor During The Second Season Of ‘The Crown’

Date January 30, 2018

The Crown star, Claire Foy, revealed she passed through an extremely hard period in her personal life during the second season of the famous TV series. Her husband, Stephen Campbell Moore, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to undergo a life-changing operation.

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Claire Foy and Campbell Moore open up about their fight with cancer

Claire Foy, who is best known for her role of Queen Elizabeth II in the popular drama series The Crown, opened up about a hard period she experienced during the last months. Her beloved husband, Stephen Campbell Moore, was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor while she was shooting in the second season of The Crown.

Fortunately, after having a successful operation, Moore is recovering now. The actor shares his life-changing experience:

You realize you’re not the most important person in that process, and everybody who loves you goes through far worse.

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The couple’s daughter had no idea what was going on with her loving dad. Claire and Stephen decided to keep his disease in a secret to protect their kid from all possible gossips.

When the doctors said the operation had gone successfully, Moore finally shared his thoughts and fears with people.

It’s all very much on the off chance that something did go wrong because every part of you is saying that nothing will. Waking up and being told the operation had gone well was understandably a huge relief.


Claire was the biggest supporter of her husband during all this hard period. In fact, The Crown star knows very well what it feels like to hear the news able to change a person’s life in a moment. The actress had a benign tumor in her eye when she was 17.

It was horrible and debilitating, but it made me realize that I needed to grab the life I wanted.


Claire and Stephen are both brave enough to struggle all life difficulties. Their mutual love and support help them keep strong whatever it takes.


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