Behind The Scenes Of Roseanne Barr’s Family Life: 3 Marriages And 5 Children

Date April 2, 2018

People love and admire incredible Roseanne Barr for her awesome role in the iconic sitcom Roseanne. Since the show reboot in 2018, it became clear how much fans missed her onscreen character, Roseanne Conner. Today, we decided to take a look at the star’s real-life family and reveal some most interesting facts about the world-famous actress.


Roseanne Barr: behind the scenes

Today, Roseanne Barr is a proud mother and grandmother. When the star was just 17, she gave birth to her first daughter Brandi. At that time, Barr was not ready for having kids and she decided to give Brandi for adoption.

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It was not an easy decision for Roseanne, especially when the mass media found out about the adoption and threatened to bring the whole story to the public. Barr didn’t want to wait until her ‘dirty laundry’ will be revealed. She hired a private detective who found her daughter.


Soon afterward, the mother and daughter met. Despite the fact that they led separate lives for almost seventeen years, Roseanne and Brandi immediately felt that special bond between them. Barr told in an interview with People magazine about their reunion:

I turned around and felt this powerful magnet. We looked at each other, and we started running toward each other. We embraced and wouldn’t let go of each other, hugging and crying.


Later, Brandi got a job as an assistant producer of Roseanne show.


A proud mom of 5

Roseanne was married three times. Her first husband, Bill Pentland, was a hotel clerk. They were married for 16 years and have three children together, Jessica, Jennifer, and Jake.


Barr’s second husband was a comedian, Tom Arnold. Their marriage lasted for 4 years. Only after their split, Roseanne confessed that the reason she filed for divorce was domestic abuse. The couple has no children together.

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Soon afterward, Barr married her third husband, Ben Thomas, who was her former security guard. They have one son, Buck, together. The couple broke up in 2002 after 7 years of marriage.


Hanging with son Buck, follow him @bucktfor3 #roseanne

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Today, Barr is a happy grandmother of six grandkids.  After the huge success of the Roseanne reboot, she explained it was hard to leave Hawaii and her grandkids to return to L.A. to make the show, but she did it. In her interview with Extra, Roseanne said:

 I have six grandkids. That’s what changed the most in my life. You’ve got to be pushier to your kids and make sure they do right by their kids.

Roseanne Barr is a real icon for American television, but that’s not what her family loves her for. Roseanne is a loving mother and awesome grandmother, who will do anything for her children.

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