Chris And Morgane Stapleton’s Love Story: They Make People Believe True Love Really Exists

Date January 30, 2018

Chris and Morgane Stapleton are probably one of the most show-stealing couples of our time. Their incredible duet is pretty successful both in career and family life. So, how did they manage to keep that unique chemistry between them after more than a decade of marriage? Let’s find out.


Chris and Morgane’s love story

Chris and Morgane first met 14 years ago. At that time, they were both working at the same music company. Chris asked Morgane for a date with a noble reason – to write a song with him. But they didn't get much writing done that evening.

The couple got married in 2007. To surprise his fiancée, Chris engraved the words "You Are My Sunshine" on his wedding ring.


The singer calls his wife his biggest supporter in joy and sorrow. Morgane was the one who shared his success after the release of his first single “What Are You Listening To.” This incredible woman stood by him after Chris’ father sadly passed away.

On their 10-year wedding anniversary, Morgane shared this heartwarming message to her beloved husband on Instagram:

14 years, 2 babies, & 2 more on the way. Happy 10-year anniversary babe! You make my whole world go round.

Today, Chris and Morgane are the proud parents of two adorable kids, and they have twins on the way. During their recent appearance at Grammys 2018, Stapletons walked the red carpet holding their hands and literally shining with happiness. Morgane looked fabulous with her cute tummy.


Scapletons continue to work and perform on stage together. Their mesmerizing duo singing is able to melt anyone’s heart.

Chris and Morgane’s love story is the one we got used to see only in romantic movies. But they have it for real. What a beautiful couple!


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